Planning a Party – How to Do It

I don’t believe that nearly everybody on this lovely planet of ours ever goes through life without throwing a party of some sort or kind in their lives.

Most of us started when we were still at school. You remember the days when mom and dad went on a trip, and you’d invite a couple of friends over to brag about dad’s new state of the art flat screen? -Voila! You had a party. Now if you were one of the really cool kids there would be crisps and some peanuts. Some of us thought getting pizza with the milk money was the BOMB!!!

My my, how things have changed, right? It is a bit more complicated these days. Now we are suddenly responsible adults, with our own kids. Throwing a party is not so simple anymore. As the expectation of our guests rises, so does the pressure of doing everything JUST RIGHT increase.
Before you do anything, and this might sound mundane, please do the following:

Grab that To-Do list, iPad, Sticky Note and note these crucial points before starting any party:

  • What kind of party are you planning. I.e. Holiday Party / Graduation Party / Engagement Party / Farewell Party, you get the idea
  • Is it going to be a Surprise Party
  • What is the main age group of the guests at your party. Say that even though you are planning a predominately adult party, but a lot of kids will be coming along, it would wise to plan some party activities to keep the kids busy while the adults are having their party.
  • How many guests do you plan on having at the party. This will help you to BUDGET correctly and efficiently for your party. (one of the major risks of having an “epic fail” of a party.

As silly as the above might seem, trust me when I say, it forms the basis of most of the decisions you need to make when planning your killer party.

Let’s talk Invitations

You know the saying: “First Impressions are Lasting” – Always remember this when you plan any sort of party where invitations will be used. It really IS a very important step in planning the best possible party you can. It sort of “sets the scene” for your guests about what to expect from your party.

A quick recap on the types of invitations you could consider:

  • Physical invitation cards that you mail to guests, or hand deliver personally.
  • The latest craze is of course eMail invitations. Many of the services out there are quite advanced, and will keep track of your guests as they RSVP, and even tell you how many have opened your invitations.
  • Word of mouth does still count, but very few people really appreciates your invitation without something tangible, albeit online.
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I want to blow my top when I ask people why they say their party was one big mess, and they reply: “I knew it was winter, but we really hoped that it wouldn’t snow on Jason’s party around the pool”.

WHAT THE FUDGE were you thinking!

Now, I am no weather expert, but I think I am pretty accurate in EXPECTING snow during winter, and heatwaves during summer.

Please don’t expect too much, just because that is what you wanted. Let’s be realistic. If your party is in summer, and outside, make sure there is enough shade to cover uncle Jim’s growing bald spot.

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