Garage Floor Paint – Cheap and Long Lasting Flooring Solution

Garage floors get exposed to a variety of corrosive substances every day. Chemicals like grease, battery acids, antifreeze solutions, salt and motor oil can corrode garage floors made of concrete on prolonged exposure. The sad thing is that in spite of these risks, garage floor is often the most neglected portion of any house. People may put up granite or marble tiles in their kitchen and bathroom floors, but few ever pay much attention to the cold, damp garage floor. Putting up dry walls in a garage is a good choice to opt for but that still won’t protect the floor. Some form of protection for the garage floor is necessary, if it is to be expected to last long.

concrete coating

Garage floors can be protected from everyday corrosion by a variety of protective measures. Vinyl or lacquer paints can be applied to the floors. But the process is both time consuming and laborious. Not exactly the thing a busy professional can do in a short time period. For the people with little time in hand, garage floor tiles are the best options.

Garage floor tiles come in disposable packages and already have adhesives applied to the downside. These can be peeled off and pasted on the garage floor after it has been cleaned to make it free of grease and oil, just the way one would apply stickers. Minimal amount of equipments are required for the task. Just a pair of kneepads, a sharp utility knife (to cut the overlapping tiles to shape), and a measuring tape are needed to carry out the process. The time required is not too great either. One or two days of effort are usually enough. This makes it the ideal weekend project.

Garage floor tiles come in various colors, patterns, and shapes. The most popular patterns are ribbed, coin shaped, or diamond shaped. The tiles completely resist any sort of corrosive substance and can be washed, swept, or hosed to clean them. These are highly resistant to chipping and peeling, and can withstand the weight of even the heaviest vehicles. The tiles are also heat resistant and thus can be applied in any season.

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