Banner Advertising Rate

The field of advertising is very vast and it is really difficult to study every form of advertising in detail. Tracing the current market scenario it is seen that banner advertising is a very famous concept nowadays, as this kind of an ทำป้าย advertising makes use of banner ads to promote goods/services through the web. The basic aim of a banner ad is to attract large numbers of people through the web and for this attractive banner advertisements are placed on the website. Advertisers can easily trace the success of a banner ad by using different tools.

Banner advertising can surely be a success and to measure this there are different ways. Lets have a look at the formulas used by an advertiser to measure the performance of a banner ad.

Number of clicks : Space for banner ad is sold by the publishers website at a cost-per-click basis. The visitor who clicks the ad and moves to the advertiser’s website is taken into the list and then total number of visitors are counted by counting the number of click throughs.

Click through rate : CTR technique explains the ratio of the page views to that of the clicks. Percentage of total number of visitors who visited a particular webpage and clicked the banner ad is expressed through this technique. Generally the CTR is below 1 %.

Page views: This formula helps an advertiser to know how man times a particular page of the website has been viewed by the traffic. This helps them to give an idea about the number of people who actually came across the banner ad. Exposure of the number of individuals to the ad can be generated through this technique. Most excepted way to sell banner advertising space is cost per thousand impressions.

Cost per sale: This helps to generate the amount of advertising money spent on producing a single sale. Internet cookies are also beneficial for the advertisers to keep the track of the visitors.

After working from every aspect to produce an efficient and effective banner ad advertisers make use of different concepts to see the effectiveness of a particular add. Become a part of banner ad agency to know more about banner advertising.


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